We offer you more than just
a typical law firm

About us

Suprema Lex Group renders a full range legal services. In cooperation with our foreign partners we have been helping our clients to start and promote business worldwide for more than 20 years.

Our specialists will assist you in deciding on the necessary country for company’s incorporation in accordance with the conditions of your business. Our clients are our partners – we work closely with clients to build the optimal solution to each client individually, as a result we aim to deliver competitive service, anticipate charging needs and build relationships that endure. The list of countries we work with is not limited.

We offer you both industrialized countries where taxes are paid and many aspects of companies’ activities are brought under regulations, and low-tax countries. Foreign companies incorporated in such jurisdictions are called On-shore companies and/or low-tax companies, respectively. Those will serve the purpose if your priorities are political and economic security, as well as respectability of your company.

Operation of your company good in law requires annual services, such as payment of state duties, preparation and submission of financial statements to tax authorities or audit, etc. Our company renders all the above mentioned, as well as many other related services.

What we offer:

Incorporation and maintenance of companies worldwide

Suprema Lex Group renders a full range of services concerning incorporation and maintenance of foreign companies and foreign bank account opening.

Accounting and audit services

Some countries require incorporated companies to maintain accounting records, prepare annual financial statements and submit prepared reports to tax authorities.

International law and taxation advice

We shall help you to register business in almost any country of the world.

Obtaining the tax identification number

Since many banks require provision of tax number during the process of account opening, it’s our pleasure to help you to obtain such a number.

Due diligence

In case you need due diligence of a new business partner, assess its current legal status we may help you to obtain information contained in official public registers of foreign states.

Records keeping in Cyprus

Nowadays many jurisdictions bind registered companies to keep supporting documents even if submission of financial reports is not obligatory.

Residence permit and second citizenship

Second citizenship is a reliable means for solving problems of the whole family, as you become full-fledged citizens of the chosen state and are protected thereby. Your assets, monetary funds and business will be under protection as well.


The redomiciliation is not as scary as it is imagined.

Substance in country of registration

Due to the fact that most banks and partners require the actual presence (substance) of the company in the country of registration, we will be glad to help you meet substance requirements all around the world, including Cyprus, England, Hong Kong, Singapore and Seychelles.

Registration of vessels and yachts

We offer you the best advice to register a yacht or a vessel.

Change of registered agent

If you are an owner of a foreign company and you are not satisfied with quality, maintenance cost or qualification of administrators we will help you to find the better one.

Foreign bank accounts

Opening of a bank account is a very important stage in company’s operation that requires a considered approach.

Funds and trusts

It’s our pleasure to consult you and assist in deciding on the correct, sustainable and confidential protection of your assets.

Introduction of changes

We will help you to solve all the issues of introducing any possible the changes in your company.

Translation of documents and Apostille

Suprema Lex Group has accumulated a wealth of resources and technology to ensure high-quality translation services for our clients.