Incorporation and maintenance of companies worldwide

SLCY CONSULTING SERVICES renders a full range of services concerning incorporation and maintenance of foreign companies and foreign bank account opening.

We are often asked where it is better to incorporate a company. There is no general answer to this question. All depends on the client’s objectives and their personal and business circumstances.

Choice of jurisdiction hardly depends on geographical factors because location of doing business very seldom determines the country of incorporation.

We offer you both industrialized countries where taxes are paid and many aspects of companies’ activities are brought under regulations, and low-tax countries. Foreign companies incorporated in such jurisdictions are called on-shore companies and/or low-tax companies, respectively. Those will serve the purpose if your priorities are political and economic security, as well as respectability of your company.

Specialists of our company will register foreign company for you and provide you with a full range of services concerning annual maintenance of the company. We will assist you in making sense all of the nuances of working with a foreign company.  If you need our advice concerning the most effective use of the foreign company in your business structure we shall gladly advice you on this matter.