Foreign bank accounts

Opening of a bank account is a very important stage in company’s operation that requires a considered approach.

To adopt a correct decision in favor of one or another bank it’s necessary to define the purposes you need to open the account for. Here it should be noted that it’s not essential to open the account in a bank of the country of incorporation.

Criteria of bank selection:

  • security and prestige;
  • correspondence of the bank’s profile to specific nature of proposed account movements;
  • ease of account management;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • maintenance cost and amount of minimum deposit;
  • interest on account;
  • bank location.

For instance, if you need a current account to perform commercial operations it’s important that the foreign account is manageable and the bank has a good record among your partners. If you are aimed at accumulation of funds, you need a large sustainable bank in a jurisdiction with steady economic environment.

Currently nearly all banks require quite a detailed acquaintance with the client that implies submission of not only a passport copy but also, for instance, bank and local partners’ references. Many European banks open accounts only upon client’s personal visit.

Bank individually checks each new client. Nevertheless it’s entirely possible to open an account in first rate banks of Europe and America. We can also assist in opening of an investment account including in the best Swiss banks.

SLCY CONSULTING SERVICES is an agent of more than 20 foreign banks and is authorized to open accounts and certify documents. We work only with sustainable banks of unassailable reputation.