International law and taxation advice

The range of services rendered by our company includes incorporation of tax-free companies or so-called offshore companies. The number of such jurisdictions in the world is about 50 and we are ready to consult you closely on each of them. We shall help you to register business in almost any country of the world. These services are rendered by highly qualified specialists: jurists and international accountants.

For your company to operate successfully in international market, your business will need complex juristic and accounting services. Our company is ready to render these services as well. Above all we shall see to operation of the offshore companies established by you in accordance with statute of the country of incorporation and international law.

Occasionally adoption of a correct decision in relations with foreign counterparties requires expert advice of a jurist specializing in international and/or foreign law. Our officers are ready to help you find a way out of the most tangled situations and provide you with an effective and expert legal opinion.

There being some specific issues concerning foreign taxation and law we are ready to engage our jurist partners and tax advisers in discussion thereof.